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55" EDGE 540 EPP Full Fuse Electric Aerobatic RC Plane Red
Part Num: ARF-EPP-F-EG540-55-RD
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Price: $149.99  $119.99  
Availability: Out Of Stock
Shipping Weight: 20.00 lbs

Out of stock


Looking for replacement parts? Go to the 55" Edge 540 Replacement Parts Page

Fly RC Review (November 2015 Issue, Click to view complete review):

fly rc review aerobeez 55 inch Edge 540 EPP


  • Wingspan: 55"
  • Length: 54.7" (without spinner)
  • Wing area: 617
  • Flying weight: 72 - 80 oz (with recommended 4s battery)

Recommended Set-Up On 4S:

Engine Propeller Servos Battery Spinner ESC
HACKER A40-10S 4S/ 14X7 HS5245MG or HS7245MH 4S 3300MAH 2.5" 70 amp

Recommended Set-Up On 6S:

Engine Propeller Servos Battery Spinner ESC
HACKER A50-14XS 6S/ 16X6 HS5245MG or HS7245MH 6S 2200MAH 2.5" 70 amp

Recommended Servo Extensions:
Ailerons: 170mm/6.7" Extension x 2
Rudder/Elevator/ESC: 300mm/12" Extensions x 3

CG Position:

For C.G., the ideal maiden flight C.G. position is 101.6 mm (4.0 in) behind the leading edge (Refer to Diagram One below). This is measured back from the leading edge at the wing root (where the wing meets the fuse). Please adjust accordingly to your own personal flying style and set-up.

Diagram One:


Introducing the newest and largest addition to our EPP lineup for 2015, the 55" EDGE 540! The EDGE is an amazing platform for aerobatic and 3D flight, so with our new lineup we decided to give it our EPP airframe design. With a full fuse plywood construction and our personal tweak, the result is a larger 55" frame that still has the same great feather light design as the smaller 48" Extra. We have also added more carbon fiber reinforcement to the frame and trailing edges of the wings to give extra rigidity that you want out of a 3D machine. If you are looking for a slightly larger frame in the 3D trainer electric EPP category, you can't go wrong with this airframe!

This model will be your everyday 3D trainer, something you could take with you wherever you go.  Yet it will provide you with the capability to practice moves that normally only bigger planes can handle.  If you are new to 3D flying this will get you ready for something bigger in a lot less time.

However, you don't have to be a hardcore 3D pilot to enjoy this plane. This plane can be as mild as you want it to be. Just dial down the throws and add some expo and it would fly like a trainer with very smooth responses. You can also set up dual rates to switch back and forth sport and 3D flyings according to your mood.

We have gone through multiple prototypes before final production to ensure the plane would provide the best performance in any flight envelop.

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