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Titan RC USA 16oz Clear Bottle Fuel Tank for RC Aircraft
Part Num: FT-16
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Availability: In stock
Shipping Weight: 2.00 lbs

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Introducing the Titan RC USA Clear Bottle Fuel tank line for RC Aircraft!

Those of you that own a new generation Aerobeez plane have come to know that our kits all come standard with high quality hardware. This is true of the fuel tank as well, but now you can get the Titan RC line of fuel tanks designed to be the perfect aftermarket fuel tank for your aerobeez model or for another build looking to upgrade to a high quality clear bottle fuel tank. The Clear bottle design makes spot checking for any possible pollutants or problems in your fuel tank a simple task. Extremely lightweight with seemless bottle design. With sizes ranging from 8oz to 33oz, the Titan RC fuel tank line will fit most aircraft set-ups.

Get your new Titan RC Fuel tank today!

PART# FT-16: Titan RC USA 16oz Clear Bottle Fuel Tank for RC Aircraft

Detailed Images:

Dimensions: A: 203mm, B: 64mm, C: 64mm, D: 145mm.


  • DIY Clear Bottle Tank without the hassle
  • Ready to use right out of the package.
  • Perfectly Clear material allowing quick visual checks on your fuel level
  • Made with Ethanol resistant materials
  • Square shaped design makes mounting very simple and space efficient.

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