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Hyperion Atlas DS20-FMD Metal Gear Digital Servo - 53g (7.0-8.2 Kg-cm)
Part Num: HP-DS20-FMD
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Availability: In stock
Shipping Weight: 0.50 lbs

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Servo type: Fully programmable full size digital servo
Dimensions: 40.0mm x 19.5mm x 37.8mm
Weight: 53g
Speed (sec/60 deg @ 4.8/6.0V): 0.17/0.13
Dynamic torque (kg/cm @ 4.8/6.0V): 7.0/8.2
Holding torque (kg/cm @ 4.8/6.0V): 14.0/16.4
Gear Train primary material: Metal
Bearing: Double ball
Programmable: Yes, with free PC software connected via USB adapter (HP-HP-AT-PRGUSB)
Rotation in degrees: Adjustable 30 to 140 degrees total, 90 degree default (45 each way)
Adjustable travel speed: Yes, 1% to 100% of Rated Speed (100% default)
Maximum input voltage: Unloaded input voltage should never exceed 7.8V, loaded input voltage max 6.25V


Digital Servo
Fully programmable
Double ball bearing
Metal gear

All Hyperion Atlas servos are fully programmable to define a range of important and useful features that will help you optimize your radio installation.

A total of 140 degrees available, plus 25% programmable by transmitter, means that as much as 175 degrees of throw can be obtained. So these servos not only guarantee as much control throw as you will ever need, but are also perfect for retract and scale hatch installations. Speed is adjustable from 1% to 100%, and 1% is VERY slow indeed!

No expensive programming box is needed to access all these useful features - it is a simple cable you attach to your PC.

Download Programming Manual
Download ATLAS Datasheet

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