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Hyperion Wing Bag 90 Size (Fits our 20cc size airplanes)
Part Num: HP-BAGW-90
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Availability: Out Of Stock
Shipping Weight: 2.00 lbs

Out of stock

Hyperion Wing Bags are made from heat-reflective silver mylar plastic, with air cushioning. They can your model from both impact damage, and from the heat of a summer day. Each Wing Bag has an air-cushion divider to separate the wing halves, and a divided space at the top of the bag to hold a wing joiner tube.

All edges are trimmed with double-stitched, heavy-duty cloth. The Wing Bag access flaps are fixed with stitched "velcro" hook-and-loop material. Each bag can fit a range of models.

This Hyperion Wing Bag 90 Size would fits our 20cc size airplane wings

Wing Bag Dimensions in cm (A, B, C)

BAGWNG-010 40, 28, 53.5
BAGWNG-040 49, 30, 79
BAGWNG-090 58, 34, 88
BAGWNG-120 66, 37, 100
BAGWNG-180 68, 39, 114

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