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Hyperion Wing Bag 120 Size (Fits our 30cc size airplane)
Part Num: HP-BAGWS-120
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Price: $45.95  $39.95  
Availability: Out Of Stock
Shipping Weight: 2.00 lbs

Out of stock

Hyperion Wing Bags are made from heat-reflective silver mylar plastic, with air cushioning. They can your model from both impact damage, and from the heat of a summer day. Each Wing Bag has an air-cushion divider to separate the wing halves, and a divided space at the top of the bag to hold a wing joiner tube.

All edges are trimmed with double-stitched, heavy-duty cloth. The Wing Bag access flaps are fixed with stitched "velcro" hook-and-loop material. Each bag can fit a range of models.

Package includes TWO wing bags. The main wing bag is sized as listed below.  A smaller bag  is also included, to fit your removable Elevator halves and joiner tubes.

This Hyperion Wing Bag 120 Size would fits our 30cc size airplane wings

Wing Bag Dimensions in cm (A, B, C)

BAGWNG-010 40, 28, 53.5
BAGWNG-040 49, 30, 79
BAGWNG-090 58, 34, 88
BAGWNG-120 66, 37, 100
BAGWNG-180 68, 39, 114

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