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93" 32% Extra 330SC Gas 3D Aerobatic ARF RC Airplane Red
Part Num: EX330SC-65CC-RD
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Price: $729.00  $599.00  
Availability: Out Of Stock
Shipping Weight: 115.00 lbs

Out of stock


Looking for replacement parts? Go to the 93" Extra 330SC Replacement Parts Page

93" Extra 330SC

Upgrades INCLUDED In the Box:

  1. Reinforced motor box and internal structure with Carbon Fiber Fire wall.
  2. Includes new SFG for better slow 3D manuevers.
  3. Includes Carbon Fiber reinforcement to strengthen the balsa wood frame.
  4. Carbon rods that run the length of the fuselage for better strength and reduced flex in high-G manuevers.
  5. Designed for extreme 3D performance with Stunning looking exlusive color scheme to match.
  6. Covered in High Quality Oracover skin!
  7. Additional Oracover Skin included in every box for minor repair and patchwork!
  8. High Quality hardware kit with Carbon Fiber horns.
  9. Pre-Plumbed High Quality Clear bottle Fuel Tank

Wing Span: 93 in (2326 mm)
Length: 90.9 in (2311 mm) *NOT Including Spinner*
Wing Area: 1 715.85 sq. in (110.7 sq. dm)
Fly Weight: 17.20-19.65 lbs (7800-8913g) Depending on motor

Minimum Set-Ups:

Engine Propeller Servos Spinner Fuel Tank
DA-60 23x8 HS-7950TH or HS-7955TG or JRPS8911HV 4" 16oz
DLE-60 Twin 23x8 HS-7950TH or HS-7955TG or JRPS8911HV 4" 16oz

Recommended Set-Up:

Engine Propeller Servos Spinner Fuel Tank
DA-70 Twin 25x8 HS-7950TH or JRPS8911HV 4" 16oz

Extreme Set-Up:

Engine Propeller Servos Spinner Fuel Tank
DLE-111 Twin 27x10 HS-7950TH or JRPS8911HV 4" 32oz

Electric Set-Up:

Engine Propeller Servos Battery Spinner ESC
HACKER Q80 XOAR 24 X 12 HS-7950TH or JRPS8911HV Two 6S 5000MAH 4" Castle 160 amp

Recommended Servo Extensions:
Ailerons & Receiver to Aileron: 170mm/6.7" Extension x 4
Elevators: 900mm/36" Extension x 2 & 300mm/12" Extensions x 2
Push-Pull Rudder:900mm/36" Extension x 2 (NOT Needed for Pull-Pull Set-up)
Throttle & Ignition:300mm/12" Extensions x 2 (ELECTRIC builds only need x 1 for ESC)

Recommended Servo Arms:

Pull-Pull Setup:
Aileron & Elevator: 1.75" Servo Arm for Futaba or Hitec x 4
Rudder 3.5" Servo Arm for Futaba or Hitec x 1

Push-Pull Setup:
1.75" Servo Arm for Futaba or Hitec x 5

CG Position & Control Throws:

With control throws, please adjust them as shown in the Diagram One below. These throws are good for the maiden flight. Please make any adjustments accordingly to your own personal flying style.

Now for C.G., the ideal maiden flight C.G. position is 177.80mm (7.00 in) behind the leading edge (Refer to Diagram One below). This is measured back from the leading edge at the wing root (where the wing meets the fuse). Please adjust accordingly to your own personal flying style and set-up.

Diagram One:

Model Airplane News Review (June 2015 Issue, Click to view complete review):
model airplane news review aerobeez 93 inch Extra 330 arf


Introducing our 2015 93" Extra 330SC! This beautiful 32% scale Extra 330 is a brand NEW model size /class added to our Gas Engine lineup for 2015. The Extra 330 is our modified version of last years Extra 330 with some improvements for extreme 3D performance. The 32% Extra 330SC is designed to conquer the most difficult 3D maneuvers while keeping all of the great flight character that is expected of a Extra 330. It is very light and strong with the new Carbon fiber reinforced frame and corresponds extremely well under the pilot's input.

The all NEW exclusive custom design that takes some of the look from our old model and puts it on a whole new level with Oracover, this model is as stunning looking as it performs! The look is very unique and performance is unmatched in its class. With a DA 70 Twin engine this plane will fly like a monster.

Gallery Images:

Detailed Images:

1. New airframe designed for solid construction with light weight.
2. Superior build quality to allow for the most strenuous 3D flight profile.
3. 2-piece removable wings and stabs for easy transit.
4. Symmetrical tail wing airfoil.
5. Premium grade hardware including ball linkage control system.
6. Cowl built with cowl ring to conceal the screws for a more elegant appearance.
7. Polyurethane wheels.
8. Covered in high quality Oracover skin with a beautiful scheme.
9. All hardware included.
10. Carbon Fiber wing tube
11. Carbon Fiber tail wing tube
12. Carbon Fiber landing gear
13. Carbon Fiber tail wheel assemblies

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