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64" 20% Scale MXS-R 20cc Aerobatic ARF RC Airplane
Part Num: MXSR-20CC-WBR
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Availability: Out Of Stock
Shipping Weight: 45.00 lbs

Out of stock


Looking for replacement parts? Go to the 64" MXSR Replacement Parts Page

Model Aviation Review (July 2017 Issue, Click to view complete review):

model aviation review aerobeez 64 inch MXSR electric/gas ARF Kit

Fly RC Review (January 2016 Issue, Click to view complete review):

fly rc review aerobeez 64 inch MXSR electric/gas ARF Kit

Limited Edition 64" 20cc MXSR MATTE WHITE!

Upgrades INCLUDED In the Box:

  1. Reinforced motor box and internal structure with Carbon Fiber Fire wall.
  2. Includes new SFG for better slow 3D manuevers.
  3. Includes Carbon Fiber reinforcement to strengthen the balsa wood frame.
  4. Carbon rods that run the length of the fuselage for better strength and reduced flex in high-G manuevers.
  5. Designed for extreme 3D performance with Stunning looking exlusive color scheme to match.
  6. NEW scheme: Matte White, Matte Red, and Matte Black in our standard true Oracover skin!
  7. Additional Oracover Skin included in every box for minor repair and patchwork!
  8. High Quality hardware kit with Carbon Fiber horns & Pre-Assembled linkage.
  9. Pull/Pull wires are now pre-run for reduced build time.
  10. Improved packaging to ensure all this awesomness arives safe and sound!

Wing Span: 64 in (1625 mm)
Length: 59 in (1500 mm)
Wing Area: 776.55 sq. in (50.1 sq. dm)
Fly Weight: 8.16-8.82 lbs (3700-4000g)

Recommended Gas Set-Up:

Engine Propeller Servos Spinner Fuel Tank
DLE 20 XOAR 16 x 8 HS7955TG x 4 & HS5645MG x 1 3" 8oz

Recommended Electric Set-Up:

Engine Propeller Servos Battery Spinner ESC
HACKER A60-XS XOAR 19 x 10 or 20 X 10 HS7955TG x 4 & HS5645MG x 1 6S 5000MAH 3" 110 amp

Recommended Servo Extensions:
Ailerons & Receiver to Aileron: 170mm/6.7" Extension x 4
Rudder & Elevator: 600mm/24" Extension x 2
Throttle & Ignition:300mm/12" Extensions x 2 (ELECTRIC builds only need x 1 for ESC)

Recommended Servo Arms:

Pull-Pull Setup:
Aileron & Elevator: 1.5" Servo Arm for Futaba or Hitec x 3
Rudder 3.5" Servo Arm for Futaba or Hitec x 1

Push-Pull Setup:
Ailerons/Elevator/Rudder: 1.5" Servo Arm for Futaba or Hitec x 5

CG Position & Control Throws:

With control throws, please adjust them as shown in Diagram One below. These throws are good for the maiden flight. Please make any adjustments accordingly to your own personal flying style.

Now for C.G., the ideal maiden flight C.G. position is 120mm (4.72 in) behind the leading edge (Refer to Diagram One below). This is measured back from the leading edge at the wing root (where the wing meets the fuse). Please adjust accordingly to your own personal flying style and set-up.

Diagram One:


This is the all NEW 2016 Limited Edition MATTE WHITE MXS-R! This model was made famous by being featured in the Red Bull Air Racing Series, and is yet another true classic. We have taken the original black and red scheme model and redesigned it for our all new 2016 lineup! The new scheme is a Full Matte coloring with Matte White, Matte Red, and Matte Black in our standard true Oracover. Like the original black version this model handels like the full size version with better aerodynamics. This plane has won many awards in the Red Bull Air Racing Series as a full scale plane and translates to an excelent all around perfeormer in the model scale. We have put great efforts into the design and continued development of this 20% scaled model. So dont miss your chance to enjoy this limited edition with all the great flight characteristics of speed, precision, and agility. This MXS-R utilizes a 20-25cc gas engine or an electric set-up with the Hacker AX-60XS for true, realistic aerobatic flights. With its light weight and aerodynamic design, combining with a DLE 20RA power plant or AX-60XS, it is bound to excel in 3D performance.

This MXSR 20% scale model comes with alot of new upgrades and is built to last. It will allow you to reach your full potential in extreme 3D flights.

Gallery Images:

Detailed Images:

1. New airframe designed for solid construction with light weight.
2. Superior build quality to allow for the most strenuous 3D flight profile.
3. 2-piece removable wings and stabs for easy transit.
4. Symmetrical tail wing airfoil.
5. Premium grade hardware including ball linkage control system.
6. Polyurethane wheels.
7. Covered in high quality Oracover skin with a beautiful scheme.
8. All hardware included.
9. Carbon Fiber wing tube
10. Carbon Fiber tail wing tube
11. Carbon Fiber landing gear
12. Carbon Fiber tail wheel assemblies

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